Thursday, 24 January 2013

Preview dialer

A Preview dialer is a power dialer where caller first see the details of the person then place a call. Automated telephony providers have been an advantage for many organizations, particularly small-to-midsized business looking to maximize the active time of their call center agents. The most cost-effective forms of telephony automatic you can employ is what’s called a “power dialer”. Simply put, an auto dialer is a system that utilizes a precise time your Agents.
Automatic dialing is not only for marketing calls, but also for email and message broadcasting. By the way of example, a school may announce a snow day to all parents by way of a predictive dialer system. A medical office may well call you to remind you of your appointment… and so forth. In each case the call is automated.
When positioning calls by themselves, a trip center agent will log an average of 40 minutes on the mobile phones speaking with your clients as well as potential customers. When you make use a dialer, your agents will spend an average of 57 minutes every hour in actual dialogue with your clients.

automated telephony systems, you need to apply your power dialer precisely to maximize its positive aspects and minimize its prospective annoyance to your clients.
Know the Law as well as Follow It
Every region has its own laws regarding how power DIALER can be used, therefore make sure you know the country’s boundaries along with abide by them as closely as possible. Many of these federally mandated limitations revolve around making sure an active agent actually solutions the vast majority of automated cell phone calls you make.
In the United States, if the client answers a phone call made my an automated dialer, and if which client doesn’t speak with a live agent within 2 seconds regarding picking up the phone, then that call is recognized as “abandoned.” This happens when you use PREDICTIVE dialer rather than Power dialer.
By Using power dialer you can avoid these problems.

‘My Sales Dialer’ is a power dialer cum preview dialer application for android phones; a very handy application that lets people utilize a full featured call center type of dialer from their android phone. It has all the feature of a call center dialer with the CRM. It also has handy features like importing the contacts from CSV file, android address book, sending SMS, email, mobile call or office phone call for any contact. This enables and empowers hard-working small business owners and individual to hire tele-services agents around the world and assign them specific tele-service task using the Agent Reporting and Management module.
With the online reporting system; MY SALES DIALER users can be monitored and managed from one remote place and operations can be done around the world! 

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